Nike Air Max 97 Olive Green Will Release Soon

Since Nike last month brought back the Air Max 97, the popularity of this classic retro shoe has risen sharply, becoming a hot shoe in the past two years. The rich retro temperament is closely following the current fashion trend. Recently, a new pair of Nike Air Max 97 “Olive Green” is coming soon. The whole shoes are mainly made of olive green. In the details, a little different shades of olive green are added. In the white midsole, the layering of the whole pair of shoes is greatly enhanced, and the military is in full swing.

VaporMax’s ever-changing new product mix has brought us surprises, and this time we have welcomed the transformation of Inneva Woven’s classic woven shoes! In front of this pair of Nike Air Vapormax Inneva « Rainbow » in the calm black tones, presented a dazzling rainbow weaving, the cushion of the soles of the atmosphere, not only to ensure the sensation of the foot, the visual effect is more handsome and generous!The new rainbow-themed sneakers are very popular in the near future. This new product is also the same as the previously released Footscape Woven Black Rainbow. It is also popular!

With the approach of Air Max Day this year, the Air Max 270, one of the protagonists, has frequently launched new products. Recently, the Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit version has been released, and four new color combinations will be released at the end of this month.Based on the Air Max 270, the shoe is made of Flyknit woven material, which improves the height of the upper and is more wrapped. The shoe is embellished with the eye-catching Swoosh Logo and “Air 270” printing, which is completely different from the previous one. Visual effect.

Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 Bleaching Series Update

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,Since the popular king of Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 has been released, all kinds of sneakers in the world have created their own unique color matching. In the early stage, we introduced a series of color matching. Or the personality of the Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 is a new color. Today, we found a cool color matching system of Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1. The shoes shown in the picture are selected from the recent Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 North Card Blue as the base color. The dyeing operation of the shoes also looks very simple and violent. The whole shoe body is unevenly dyed to the recent hot purple color. Although the dyeing is uneven, the overall shoe color still looks very eye-catching and worthless. Have you seen the new color scheme of this bleached Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1?

As one of the protagonists of this year’s Air Max Day, the Nike Air Max 270 has received a lot of attention with the oversized Air Max! Recently, based on the Air Max 270, Nike upgraded the upper to Flyknit woven material to improve the overall package and comfort of the upper. The details are embellished with the eye-catching Swoosh Logo and the “Air 270” print for a more eye-catching look. This pair of Air Max 270 Flyknit “Work Blue” will be available soon.

The popularity of the popular Nike Air VaporMax series continues, and as the second generation of the series, Nike Air VaporMax 2 Flyknit has released a new color scheme “OLYMPIC”. Recently, Nike released a new color matching VaporMax 2 Flyknit’s official atlas, with a pure black air cushion of « black obsidian », full of temperament; the body is made of college red, navy blue stitching Flyknit woven upper, supplemented with gold Swoosh is embellished with rich colors but without losing temperament. It can also be used as a highlight in the summer.

Nike Air Max 270 Get the White Blue Colorways

Nike Air Max 270 and Air Max 95 introduce a new white and blue color matching series. The main body of the shoe is pure white, and the air cushion is filled with a refreshing sky blue. The soles are all blue and red gradient design, just like the collision of magma and sea water, it is very cool. The white and blue mix is very refreshing and suitable for summer wear.

Nike Air VaporMax air cushions have brought us absolute surprises in terms of both visual and foot. With the increasing number of shoes equipped with VaporMax air cushions, Nike has more and more radical design new products. Today, a brand new shoe has exposed the picture, which is simple and technically rich in gray. The boots in this pair are equipped with a VaporMax air cushion in the back half. Not only is this the first appearance of VaporMax, but the soles have a lot of hollow design, which makes the shoes feel like “high heels”. I am afraid to walk on uneven roads. The shoe body is designed with a sock sleeve, which is matched with different texture effects of various materials. The far-sighted and near-reward has a full sense of technology. The name of the shoe may be called Nike Air VaporMax Light 2, and there is no update on it yet, we will pay more attention.

After the 20th anniversary of the crazy release last year, Nike’s Air Max Uptempo 97 seems to fade out of people’s vision. Recently, the OG color matching « College Navy » is about to be re-released. In front of this pair of Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 « Collge Navy » with the most OG color return with black and white as the main color with the navy blue design, won the absolute visual impact! Even the classic water droplets are also made of navy blue, with a white midsole and outsole. This is a refreshing and eye-catching, not only contains feelings, but also an excellent guarantee for the street return rate!

Nike Air Max 270 Futura Become one pair Dad Shoes

With an oversized heel cushion, the Nike Air Max 270 is the biggest surprise of Air Max Day this year, and the current high appearance rate on the street also shows its popularity. The pair of Nike Air Max 270 Futura is a bit special, changing the fashion style of the past, using the retro « old shoes » dress. Under the white background, mesh fabric and leather, the details are decorated in navy blue, and the heel is also changed to the retro style Nike Air logo. The large Air Max air cushion on the back of the sole is still the overall visual center. In retro, it has full eye-catching elements.

The popularity of the popular Nike Air VaporMax series continues, and as part of the upgrade, the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc 2 will soon introduce a new black powder color scheme. The shoe type inherits Nike Air VaporMax 2.0, which is more convenient to wear with elastic straps instead of shoelaces. The new color is a black upper with a rose pink upper, and is decorated with a yellow heel streamer. At the same time, the color of the front and rear palm cushions also corresponds to the black and rose pink of the upper, which is hot and bright, and the summer is good for people who like bright colors. select!

Nike Air Max 97 has become more popular after the classic « silver bullet » color scheme was re-enacted last year. Although the design of the upper is very different, it is undeniable that Air Max 97 has received a new round of support in the retro resurgence, especially for the young ladies. Inspired by the NFL team’s Pittsburgh Steelers, the new color-matched Air Max 97 features a black-and-white collision with a yellow lining, heel label and air-cushioned inner column. More layered, it is more exciting to wear on the upper foot! .

312834-102 Nike Air Max 97 Premium Will Release Soon

Nike retro running shoes that the street hipsters love, Air Max 97 still maintains a new rhythm, and the new products are more amazing!In front of the pair, the Nike Air Max 97 Premium uses a beige suede to create a shoe body. The colorful splashes of ink decorate the surrounding details. The body of the shoe is lined with red trim strips. The upper foot performance is calm and extremely tidal!

The Nike Air Max 270 with air cushions is finally coming to a pure black color with a variety of styles. The upper is made of lychee and fabric with a high-top shape. The middle has a buckled strap design that enhances the wrap. The back of the shoe carries the thickest 270 air cushion in history and feels awkward. The pure black outfit makes the slightly inflated shoe look more refined, with a high-cut shoe and strap design with a dark-skinned style. Friends who like pure black shoes must understand.

The popularity of the popular Nike Air VaporMax series continues, and the upgraded version of the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc 2 is also quite popular. Originally used as a co-production color, but with the departure of Nike ACG’s chief designer, the new Nike VaproMax Moc 2 is coming soon! The shoe type inherits Nike Air VaporMax 2.0, which is more convenient to wear with elastic straps instead of shoelaces. The new color is black upper and milky white Swoosh and heel label embellishment; at the same time, the color of the front and rear palm cushions also corresponds to the black and milky white of the upper, which is a very low-key classic color scheme. It is a good choice for the low-key hipsters. .

Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race Get More Colorways

In addition to Kanye West, adidas Originals also has the ace of Pharrell Williams. Although the number of co-branded products is far less than the former, the quarterly collaboration between Pharrell Williams and adidas is not disappointing. After Pharrell Williams personally posted on the foot several times, the 19th adidas Originals official finally released the news, the new Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD « Human Race » will be officially on sale, the shoes around the theme of « Human » design, and NMD’s shoe type has made a lot of adjustments, it is worth looking forward to.I believe you must remember that Pharrell Williams, another superstar of adidas Originals, used to create 50 colors of SUPERSTAR-Supercolor Pack, which shocked the market. Recently, the new colorful shoes of « Philippine » seems to be brewing, from Pharrell Williams. Personal Instagram is not difficult to find, this pair of NMD soles, or yellow or green Primeknit woven uppers and left and right feet also have « HUMAN », « RACE » words of mysterious shoes are quite popular.

After seeing the first wave of yellow/black color schemes and Pharrell’s custom color scheme, the red and green versions of Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race were revealed on the network.The design continues NMD’s streamlined sock profile, and uses a new strap design to add a sense of street, with both sides of the bracket support and wrapped feet, and the signature stability block design is integrated with the two sides of the bracket, let The overall is more simple. As for the body of the shoe, it is still composed of Primeknit woven material, and the eye-catching « HUMAN RACE » is incorporated into the main color to echo the « big love » theme of the series.
From the comments, it seems that in addition to the easy to be dirty, there are popular black/white monotone matching attributes, it seems that it has not been much sought after, but for the author, the pair of scenery is actually quite good, because too much The color device instead limits the style of the wardrobe. What about OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Jordan 1 « UNC »? I asked him recently that it raided the Nike SNKRS. Do you know if you have grabbed it? This pair of blue and white colors can also be seen as inspired by Michael Jordan’s alma mater, « University of North Carolina », and why is the classic x innovative design still no more than « Chicago »? In fact, it seems to have something to do with « hue ». Although there is no such thing as « WHITE », many people are more focused on « dark blue ». The relatively lighter blue does not have such a big desire to start. This also seems to reflect that many people are very passionate about « dark » or « fixed » colors as their daily performance? What about you? Which pair do you like?

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Fans Enjoy the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra Color

The color scheme of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 can’t help but dazzle, pure black, pure white, earth color, black purple, gray orange, black green, black yellow, black red, etc., as well as zebra-based white zebra Gray zebras, yellow zebras… Any number of colors, as many as 20 kinds of colors, it is estimated that there are fish missing! Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2, regardless of the zebra color of each launch, affecting the fans Heart, things with their poles, color matching another round new! Below, take a look at the zebra color matching of coconut shoes. The background of the whole shoe is white, then with black stripes, the name « zebra » comes from this! The heel is the same as the Brad color, Zebra also adds the heel shoe seen in the V1 shoe type, with a conspicuous Black stripes, fresh and reveal a low-key charm, not too much!

Finally, the sole and the heel part! The sole is the same as the pure white 350, which is a translucent pure white midsole, with the unique technology of Adi. Boost midsole cushioning! Fluorescent yellow tone shoes YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 « Semi Frozen Yellow », the new shoes also continue the zebra pattern design of the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 « Zebra », with a bright yellow through the body and carrying Raw rubber outsole. This Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 « Semi Frozen Yellow », like a zebra fell into a large dyeing tank, high-profile color matching, where to go!! Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 « BlueTint » color release, also in white As the keynote, the upper line is changed to ice blue, with the word « SPLY-350 » as an embellishment. The signature outsole also uses an elegant blue tone to echo it. The overall color is very fresh and the overall look is very refreshing and tempting. The Yeezy 350 Boost V2 gray zebra is decorated with a dark zebra texture on a gray Primeknit upper, while the paint strip on the side of the shoe is removed.

Adidas Yeezy Boost will finally launch the new color scheme this month after a few months of silence. The first adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 « Semi Frozen Yellow » rumors will be the most rare color.The whole shoe is mainly made of fluorescent yellow, which continues the classic zebra design. For the first time, it is equipped with a raw rubber outsole. It is also the most eye-catching one in the color distribution that was released in the past.The SPLY-350 is displayed in orange and becomes a visual highlight under the earth’s atmosphere! The overall atmosphere is even more Low-key, but also more earthy temperament, is also the visual effect of grandfather style.

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Preview Nike Air Max 270 Hot Punch first release colorway

Today, the unpacking photo we brought to everyone is the Nike Air Max 270 first color match that we are looking forward to today. This color scheme has a futuristic speed and mechanical feel compared to the original exposure color. Of course, the black scheme of the body of the shoe is also intended to highlight the eye-catching pink Air Max air cushion. But regarding the topic of air cushions, we are not pressing today. Today we mainly want to present to you the design of this shoe. »All Black Everything » has always been a « double-edged sword » in my opinion. Black’s innate temperament gives an extra character to a shoe – low-key, calm, and even mysterious.

But at the same time, the black color scheme will cover the design elements of the shoes themselves to a certain extent. It’s like those « small white shoes », the focus is only on the all-white color, not the design of the shoes themselves. Therefore, how to use this « double-edged sword », in my opinion, should be the subject of every designer to face and Raiders.Obviously, this time on the Nike Air Max 270 « Hot Punch », Nike handed over an almost perfect answer.The all-black color does not obscure the design elements on the shoe. Instead, different materials are applied in different color blocks: neoprene, mesh materials of different densities, hot offset and foam in the midsole, reflected by light Different gloss, but the design of the overall body is clearly visible. The midsole design follows the Air Max 180 curve, the socks of the shoe body shine with the shadow of Air Max 93, two pairs of Nike classic shoes in the early 90s of the last century, the soul of this Air Max 270 is really not too small effort.

As two styles that are not often seen in the eyes of Chinese people, the Air Max 180 and Nike Air Max 97 are actually rare shoes in Nike’s huge product matrix.Nike has always stood out in the industry with the pioneers of innovation in technology and design. The pioneering nature of design requires technology to do everything possible to present the most original patterns in the designer’s mind. Explore the wider and unknown areas. With the blessing of the latest technology, the details of the Air max 270 have also undergone some changes, and the tribute has evolved at the same time. With the support of Nike Engineering Mesh Technology, the details of the body of the shoe are compared to the soft curves of the Nike in the 1990s, and the sense of speed of the futuristic is on the paper. Of course, for everyone who is eager to learn more about the amazing pink at the heel of the shoes, we will introduce them in detail in the following articles.

Air Jordan 11 Classic Concord Color Release Again

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,As an indelible essence of Sneaker history, Air Jordan 11 has an inter-generational significance. The perfect combination of patent leather and weaving technology can be called the classic of basketball shoes design in the 1990s. With the return of NBA’s Air Jordan 11 “CONCORD” in 1995, Sneakerhead is different.After seven years, Air Jordan 11 “CONCORD” is finally going to be re-enacted! As we all know, Jordan Brand will release the popular Air Jordan 11 “Concord” color scheme at the end of this year. Although it may use the large patent leather used in the past two years, it still cannot stop its huge attraction to shoe fans.The midsole still uses a combination of technically mature palm soles and carbon fiber panels. The six bandages on the side increase the wrapping and support of the shoes. The combination of patent leather and weaving technology, the Air Jordan 11 “CONCORD” still looks shiny and high-end. Attract attention.

Although the number of the heel is 23 or 45, it is not known, but the other details of the shoes will be the same as the original OG version of 1995. Recently, according to INS user , Jordan Brand will release up to 1 million pairs of Air Jordan 11 “Concord” worldwide. It is said that there are about 989,566 pairs of men’s shoes, and big children, children, baby and so on. There are 850,000 pairs. It is initially estimated that the shoes will be released on October 27th and may be postponed until December.The Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, scheduled to be re-enacted at the end of this year, is a shoe that has been strongly watched by Sneakerheads fans. From the exposure of the first group of spy photos to the past few months, the area of the patent leather that people are most concerned about and the color of the crystal outsole have been changing with the picture quality, lighting environment or shooting angle of each release. Let many friends hesitate between entering or not.

As one of the biggest hits this year, Air Jordan 11 “Concord” continues to release physical details in the near future. Recently, this year’s big devil re-released the physical details! Its classic black and white color matching, even with the swelled large patent leather design of the first year, does not affect its color value. The heel is similar to the « 45 » detail of the 2016 big dunk to distinguish it from the first year version.In 1995, Jordan put on the No. 45 jersey and Air Jordan 11 « CONCORD » boots for the first time to return to the NBA, and then led the Bulls to a record of 72 wins and 10 losses in the 1995-96 season, this pair accompanied Jordan’s battlefield AJ11 « CONCORD » is naturally extraordinary. Last year, there were various news that Kangkang was about to be re-enacted, and it became a hot topic in the sneaker circle for a time, but the shoe powders waited until it was released. This year, it is finally confirmed, CONCORD IS COMING! This year’s replica of this Air Jordan 11 « CONCORD » is the closest to the first year configuration in detail, the familiar mower shell, restore the first year of the look of white Small tip and high patent leather.

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Nike React Element 87 Black White Make Debut

Nike React technology can be used not only for running shoes, but also for casual shoes. the Nike React Element 87 Black White makes use of Nike’s newest React cushioning, with abstract translucent black plugs for an interesting touch of detail and contrast. The launch of React Element 87 is a new appearance of this technology applied to casual shoes, pure and simple, and greatly enhance the comfort of the shoes. The optimized sole of this shoe is soft and extraordinary, making it an ideal choice for urban office workers. It also proves that Nike React’s innovative technology is not a patent for running shoes, and it can shine as well on casual shoes.

The white version released by Nike React Element 87 has made the whole sneaker market crazy recently.If you are searching for the perfect pair of kicks to rock whatever the weather, then look no further than the Nike React Element 87 Black White! Available for both men and women, we recommend you go true to size for the perfect fit! The selling price is USD$215, the hot weather, and the hot heart of the fans. This shoe has soared to over USD399, some are similar to OW. Converse’s design, refreshing mesh surface, vivid color matching.

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